Modelling Portfolios.

All portfolios that my team and I produce are different, and I believe that is how it should be.

Many companies simply turn out hundreds of the same pictures, same lighting and same ideas just with different models.

Each portfolio should be matched to the individual model, and then only after having seen the model, can a joint decision be made between my team and I along with the model as to what would be the best for that person.

Portfolios start from 250 including a professional studio make-up artist aswell as the photographer and assistant on the day.

Editing is possibly the single biggest aspect in making a picture look professional, and we pride ourselves on out editing capabilities.

We have two bases, our main base being in Liverpool where we have 4 studios and a secondary base in London with 1 studio.

As I mentioned earlier each portfolio is different, however to give you an idea of what is possible please see our gallery for appropriate examples.

All portfolios are fully edited to perfection, and models are always invited for input in what they feel needs editing in their pictures. However the using out industry knowledge we also suggest what we feels needs attention.

We Guarantee you will love you Portfolio with us and if you don't we will invite you along to another shoot to fix anything you don't like, within reason of what is possible with both you as a model and the physical limits of photography and editing.


Commissioned pieces for the commercial market such as advertisements publications are priced on an individual basis.

We have worked on many pieces for such clients as Spec-Savers and many more.

Please contact us for more on pricing for commissions.


In the past I have covered many different events, such as Music Festivals like Knowsley Hall Music Festival, Party Festivals like G.A.Y., Private functions such as Birthday Parties and Proms and Commercial Events Like Hush Hush events.

I work alone and in a co-operative with some of my closest friends and work colleagues, and we can cover events nationwide.

Half Day rates start at 150 and full day 250.

Publication of our Images.

Unless otherwise agreed publication of our copyright images are subject to the following charges:

Local Print: 40 Minimum Charge

National Print: 160 Minimum Charge

Website Usage: 40 Minimum Charge

If you do wish to publish any of our images please do contact us first, and we can arrange for the appropriate resolution picture
for you to use.